Market Development Association

Market Health Projects June 2017 Update

Inner South Health worker Laura Loye updating local residents and funders on the status of the New Me application.

Market Community Centre

The Market Development Association has recently taken over management of the minor hall in the Market Community Centre which, amongst other things, is being used to offer alternative therapies. These are in addition to the therapy rooms which are already operating in the Inner South at LORAG and the CRI Building.

Inner South Health Application
The Laura Loye, the Inner South Health worker, has invested a great deal of time and effort in an application to the Big Lottery fund for a ‘New Me’ project which would employ three health workers, one dedicated to the Market area. These health workers would deliver a range of interventions in the areas of Mental Health, Healthy Behaviours and Drug and Alcohol misuse.

Market Tunnels Project
The MDA continues to work on the Tunnels project with the aim of opening a community gym in the tunnels upon completion. This promises to be a massive asset to the community and will allow for a whole range of programmes within the community.

Community Garden
The MDA has also been liaising with local residents, voluntary and statutory groups with the aim of creating a community garden, which could be used for growing plants, vegetables and herbs as well as being an outdoor space for community events.