Market Development Association

Summer Festival

Our annual summer festival starts again 3rd August. We have lots of great activities planned which will target awiderange of age groups, such as Seniors Lunch and Family Trips to Tayto Park. It’s expected to be another successful year.

Many local groups take part in our community festival every year and volunteer their time such as The Market Women’s Group, Pangur Ban and Realta na Cromigie. They give their time every year and help out cooking the seniors lunch, volurteering on day trips and organising the whole festival along with our staff – we’d be lost without them.

This year also see’s the beginning of Belfast’s newest festival – ‘Féile na hAbhann / Festival of the River‘. This initiative came together in partnership between the MDA, LORAG and Short Strand Community Forum with the aim of reclaiming the spacealong the River Lagan for community use. It’s a very exciting project with some great activities planned, which we are sure will be grow year on year.